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A devilishly moreish chewy chocolate
confection with a hint of crunch

Triple Chocolate & Ginger Brownie Recipe

It’s no secret that here at Goupie HQ we LOVE chocolate. It should therefore, come as no surprise, that this month’s recipe is chocolate mad! We’ve concocted some TRIPLE chocolate brownies, with a hint of ginger, for our wonderful Goupie Groupies. As with the majority of our recipes: they’re completely vegan friendly..but this by no means is their most stand-out feature! They’ll leave you rubbing your belly and smacking your lips in approval. Happy gorging Goupie Groupies!

Triple Chocolate & Ginger Brownies

What You Need

100g Dark Chocolate

100g Margarine

100ml Almond Milk

1tsp Vanilla Essence

A Pinch of Salt

100g Soft Dark Brown Sugar

30g Cocoa

170g Self-Raising Flour

2tsp Ground Ginger

180g Ginger Goupie

Vegan Chocolate Brownies

What You Do

Melt the chocolate and margarine together and mix until silky.

Mix in all other wet ingredients.

Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients, a little at a time.

Chop the Goupie into decent sized chunks and add to the mix.

Pour into a baking tin and bake on 160g for 30-40 minutes.


Full Disclosure: These brownies are not healthy, and to be consumed as part of a balanced diet. Everything in moderation!