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A devilishly moreish chewy chocolate
confection with a hint of crunch

Royal Fancies

As everyone is well aware, the UK will be kicking off the warmer weather in the best possible way, with a Royal Wedding! We’ve come up with a naughty little treat, decadent enough for a Queen this month to honour this delightful occasion. Our take on a Fondant Fancy, this uber indulgent little treats are pretty much sugar, wrapped around sugar, wrapped around a double-decker, sugar filled, confectionery package. All held together with a bit more sugar, of course! Ok, so it might not be part of almost any diet plan out there, but if you can’t indulge for a Royal Knees Up, when can you?

We’ve flavoured our Royal Fancies with lemon and lavender to keep them summery, but feel free to use whatever Goupie flavours take your fancy (geddit?).

Goupie Fancies

What You Need

180g Lemon Meringue Goupie

180g White Lavender Goupie

Apricot Jam

500g Ready To Roll Marzipan

500g Ready To Roll Fondant Icing

Purple Food Colouring

Yellow Food Colouring

Icing Sugar + Water

Optional: Lavender & Lemon Essential Oil

Royal Fancy

What You Do

Try to match as many of the Lavender and Lemon Meringue Goupie pieces to size as possible, use the jam to attach the two together. We placed Lemon Meringue on top for obvious reasons!

Roll out the marzipan as thinly as possible and cut into squares big enough to cover the triangles. Again, use the jam to stick the marzipan to the Goupie.

Split your fondant icing in half. With one half, add a few drops of purple food colouring, and lavender essential oil if you have chosen to use it, and knead until fully combined. Cover half of fancies with this, smoothing out as best as you can.

Repeat with the yellow food colouring and lemon essential oil for the other half of the fancies.

Combine the icing sugar and water until it forms a smooth paste. Use a piping bag to decorate the top of the fancies.

And Voila!

Royal Fancies