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A devilishly moreish chewy chocolate
confection with a hint of crunch

Janet Simpson Founder of Goupie

“Goupie is all about delivering flavour, but we have been determined from the outset to make it an affordable indulgence,” says Janet.  “We believe in selling the product, not the packaging.  The result is an honest, tasty confection that seems to have almost universal appeal, even among those who do not profess to have a sweet tooth.”

All Goupie branded products are based on a genuine family recipe. Janet Simpson has refined this original cocoa-rich chewy chocolate confection into a range of distinctive flavours: all made by hand, and then cut into distinctive triangular pieces.  Together with Joe, her husband, Janet has now moved production from their farmhouse kitchen to a state-of-the-art production unit to ensure that Goupie continues to be made to highest standards of hygiene and product quality.

“Goupie reflects our shared life-long passion for good, honest, tasty food.  We were inspired to bring it to market by our daughters, Grace and Hannah, who have long enjoyed Goupie at family gatherings and parties.  They felt something this delicious really ought to be shared more widely.  Thanks to them there is now a growing community of Goupie Groupies out there,” explains Joe.

 A Range of Flavours

As well as Original, Goupie is available in a range of flavours.  Hazelnut Goupie has the added crunch of nibbed and roast hazelnuts, while Ginger Goupie delivers a warming note of natural crystallised ginger.  Orange Goupie is enlivened by the zesty tang of candied orange peel, with Chilli Goupie offering the subtle bite of fresh air-dried chilli flakes.

Made using culinary lavender flowers and lavandin oil from The Hop Shop in Shoreham, Kent, Dark Chocolate with Lavender Goupie is a true revelation, exposing the deeper flavours of lavender with hints of camphor and ginger.  With White Chocolate with Lavender Goupie, the sweetness of the white chocolate and creamy richness of the base (which, unlike most other Goupie variants, has no cocoa) helps to bring out the subtle summer fragrance of lavender.

White Chocolate with Cardamom Goupie is a thoroughly modern take on a traditional Indian dessert, offering a subtle flavour that is ripe with Eastern exoticism.

Mint Goupie delivers a refreshing peppermint zing, while Cherry & Almond Goupie is perhaps best likened to a chewy Bakewell tart, but with a lingering almond finish.  Espresso Goupie combines the richness of  dark Belgian chocolate with the finest Arabica coffee beans.  Date & Walnut Goupie is another classic combination; rich, moist and utterly moreish. Our newest edition is Salted Sticky Toffee, a naughty twist on a classic British pud!

Simpson’s of Hawkhurst also produces special flavours for the festive period, including A Taste of Christmas Goupie, White Christmas Goupie and Boozy Christmas Goupie that are resonant with the characteristic scents and flavours of Christmas, including carefully selected spices, dried fruits and nuts.

Thirteen of our dark chocolate Goupie flavours are dairy free and vegan friendly. We also have seven gluten free Goupie flavours which include all of our Christmas Goupie flavours. Check out the rest of our website for more information, or our social media sites for vegan and gluten free recipes!

What’s in a name?

We get asked one of two things when someone comes across Goupie for the first time: What is it? and Why is it called Goupie?

The answer to the first question is simple. Goupie is a devilishly moreish chewy chocolate confection with a hint of crunch, topped with fine dark Belgian chocolate.

The answer to the second question is less clear. We wish there was a time-worn tale that the name was coined by an aged seafarer with a speech impediment when he first encountered this delicious sweetmeat on a hazardous voyage to the Solomon Islands. The truth is rather more prosaic: we don’t know! Goupie is a genuine family recipe that has been made by Janet Simpson’s family for over 50 years. And it has always been called Goupie.


So there you have it … it’s called Goupie because it is Goupie. Accept no substitutes!